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Sunday, 22 January 2017

The best way to deal with worries is to share them with a friend...

Max is a child who worries. A lot. He worries about being bitten by spiders, abducted by aliens, or sometimes just that people don't like him enough. Soon it feels like his worries might take over the world! Thank goodness for Bob the dog, who shows Max that the best way to deal with worries is to share them with a friend. Told with sensitivity and a sense of fun, this relatable story encourages empathy and illustrates the importance of talking about worries. Stress and anxiety amongst children is a growing problem and this warm-hearted picture book provides a much-needed aid to help parents calm their children's worries. Much like Benji Davies' Grandad's Island, this story tackles a sensitive issue with a lightness of touch, allowing parents to approach a difficult topic through the comfort of a fun story. Gabriel Alborozo's illustrations brilliantly capture family life and his appealing artwork injects some gentle humour into situations that will be familiar to many families. A modern take on Virginia Ironside and Frank Rodgers’ The Huge Bag of Worries, Carol McLeod and Katherine Martin's Fill a Bucket and Amanda McCardie's A Book of Feelings, this is the perfect calming bedtime read for children ages 3 years and up. #kindergarten #pedagoofriday #kinderchat #eyfs #eytalking #mums #ece #childminders #children #nanniesofinstagram #nannies #nurseryschool #nursery #kidlit #childrensbooks #bookstagram #kidstagram #kidsofinstagram #teachersofinstagram #teachers #momsofinstagram #dadsoninstagram #dads #primaryschool #gifts #childhoodliteracy #kindergarten #e17 #bookgivingday

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